Glue for fresh flowers & plants

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What is floral glue?
The Centimo floral Glue bonds quickly, is waterproof, and beautifully binds together flowers, ribbons, and jewels without the use of unsightly tape or wire. This glue can be used in fresh or preserved floral arrangements.

Why a special glue?
Because otherwise the flowers will damage.

How do you remove floral glue?
Push a butter knife into the dish and try to pry up the edges of the putty with the knife. Spray WD-40 or a similar lubricating oil into the dish, covering the floral putty. Use the butter knife to remove the remaining putty, which should now be loose enough to remove fully.

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Floral glue

Ready to use glue for fresh flowers, pot plants and foliage. The flower glue is easy to use and cleans with lukewarm water. The composition of the glue is not detrimental for flowers and plants and In addition the residue is not obvious on the products.

Product benefits

  • Fast setting shortens clamping time
  • Excellent heat and solvent resistant
  • Unaffected by finishing touch
  • Easy to clean off with water

Additional information


150 ml, 300 ml, 1 liter, 10 liter


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