Flowers & Plants

Absorbable flower dye

Absorbable flower dye is specially made to dye flowers, foliage or pot plants as easily as possible. Mix the flower dye (powder) with water and place the flower in the liquid. The flowers will absorb the dye (and water) through the stem. The flowers starts changing color within minutes.
The results are astonishing.

Fleur Plus possibilities are endless...

1. Experiment & Do It Yourself

Simple & Easy “Off the shelf” products with our Awesome products and make your own unique creations. Ofcourse we can help you with all different tips and tricks from both our Community and our University. 

2. R&D with Custom Product

We make your product custom to your needs.We will do a deep research into the optimal chemical balance and limitations of your product and its environment to create the highest standard of quality & unique creations for your business.

3. Partnership & Development

Fleur Plus is looking for a different approach to both product Development & Marketing. Lets work together and make the world more colourful! See our Partner integration programs to find out if we can be a match ❤️

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Absorbable flower dye


Water dye

Water Crystals

Dipping / spray dye

Flowers & Plants

True Quality

Market Leader

Innovation & Added value

Safe Horticulture Use

Non Toxic & Damaging

40 years of experience

We offer courses

Get Inspired & Discover
By FleurPlus

We not only make your flowers and plants more unique.
We add a lot of value to everyone in the supply chain.
See what is possible and open your world.

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FleurPlus has developed itself into one of the world market leaders in flower dyes and added value products for fresh flowers and plants; Such as glitters, snow, crystals, satin dust, vase colors and flower food.

FleurPlus has been creating added value for plants and flowers since 1995. This added value ensures that the flowers and plants (or other products) get a whole new look. It gives that extra sparkle on your product.

FleurPlus’s Green Mission

Plants & Flowers are green, but so is our mission! FleurPlus wants to make living rooms and offices literally greener with the most beautiful plants & flowers with a little bit extra. We try to make a contribution ourselves by making our processes as sustainable as possible. Want to know more about our green aspirations?

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