Post harvest

Centibac is a universal post harvest treatment to keep the water fresh and clean. Keeping the water inside the flowerbucket clean over a period of days allows the flower to keep its maximum quality.

Post harvest Liquid

Centibac 201 is the only liquid ECO friendly post harvest treatment in the market, it is easy to dose and works especially well with an automatic dosing system. The post harvest treatment can be used throughout the whole supply chain. Centibac is usable on all cut-flowers. It should be used directly after cutting.


Always use clean water and a clean vase. Check dosage and solution is for one time use only. Place flower directly after cutting into the solution. Avoid contact with skin and eyes with the concentrated product. Store unopened packages in cool and dry conditions.

Package and dosage

1, 10 & 25 Liter packaging. Standard dosage 1 ml per liter of water. 2 ml per liter of water for gerbera. Can be used by florist, flower arranger and consumer. Suits all cut-flowers.

Effects of Post harvest

Extends vase life
Keeps the water in the bucket clean
Prevents early wilting
Dosage is easily checked
Automatic dosing

Centibac Flower Food

Centibac 301 is a universal rehydration solution for flowers with soft or woody stems. It lowers the PH which improves the water uptake and vase life. Recommended by the Dutch flower auctions as it keeps flowers and foliage in optimal conditions. Centibac flower food canoe used by growers, flower shops, consumers and all other steps in the chain. It is free from aluminum sulphate. Centibac 301 can be used for all cut-flowers.


Extend vase life


For all flowers 1 ml per liter. Available in 1, 10 & 25 liter. Do not use in combination with steel, iron, zin buckets or water pipes.


Improves water uptake
Prevents bent neck with roses
Water remains clear
Lowers PH of the water
Reduces waste

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